Deb Marett Portrait Artist

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Deb Marett, Portrait Artist


Creating heartfelt portraits of loved and honored ones. I seek to be a story teller, bringing life and emotion to a painted portrait that will be cherished for many generations. To me, the development of a portrait is a magical process: I feel that painting someone is a very collaborative, giving act. It may just be me in the studio, but my subjects’ presence and character are always on my mind as I work.





Deb Marett grew up near the shores of Lake Michigan in a small town which was originally a Dutch settlement. She went to school in upstate New York and stayed there until work took her to Wisconsin, just north of Chicago. Her lifelong passion for art followed everywhere she went, and continued to flourish as she went from watercolors to oils, and from landscapes and botanicals to portraits. It is in portraiture that she found her true artistic voice, and has been devotedly painting the faces and people around her (“pretty much anyone who will sit still long enough.”) ever since.


I always strive to bring more to a painted portrait than a simple copy of a person's likeness. For this painting of Pastor Marr, I began with a plain background, but it was missing personality.


I added the corner of a stained glass window that depicts the scene of the Good Shepherd, which put him at the feet of Jesus in the composition. Then, as a nod to the pastor's life of service, and his love for the music of the Beatles, I translated the phrase "In my life I love you more" into Ancient Greek, and painted it in as if carved into the window sill.